FIA Serving the NY Grocery Industry for almost 120 years!


Mission Statement:
To serve as the networking catalyst for FIA’s retail, wholesale and supplier members to conduct business more effectively and efficiently.


FIA’s Trade Relations program is structured with one goal in mind – to facilitate and maximize business opportunities between grocery manufacturers/suppliers and retailers/wholesalers. Each of FIA’s unique trade events is designed to address two questions:

1. What’s the company’s return on investment in time and dollars?  
2. How does a particular FIA trade activity directly contribute to a company’s bottom line?

Review the following links to see the value of FIA’s varied Trade Relations Program:


Annual Membership Includes:

Three “complimentary” Regional Trade Dinners around New York state, in Rochester, Metro area and Albany.

FIA’s regional dinners are very well-attended networking events that bring in all of the major retailers, wholesalers and independents based out of the upstate/downstate regions of the state. There is no cost for FIA members to attend.

Participation in FIA's Annual Trade Expo

FIA's Trade Summit has evolved to a Annual Trade Expo to take place the day of the Red Carpet event. The Trade Expo is designed for retailer/wholesaler and manufacturer/supplier executives who have senior oversight responsibility to in strategic planning. FIA serves as the Trade Summit’s coordinator and scheduler. Call Ava Stone, Director of Trade Relations at 518-434-1916 or email:


Guaranteed Appointments with Retailers:

For those companies who need assistance meeting with a particular retail chain or wholesaler, FIA will work on your behalf to set up a meeting at their offices. Call Ava Stone, Director of Trade Relations at 518-434-1916 or email:


FoodScan- FIA's Weekly Newsletter

An online publication that provides government relations updates as well as trade event news to our members. Foodscan inquiry from website.


Government Liaison

In addition to connecting suppliers with key retailers and wholesalers, FIA assists Chairman Club members with regulatory, licensing and compliance issues. Our staff in Albany and metro New York have key contacts with state and local officials and are always available to assist our members.

We also partner with our supplier members on opposing legislation that would hamper business in New York. For example, we partnered with chairman’s club members to oppose state specific GMO labeling. You may recall that Connecticut passed a GMO labeling law that was contingent on NY enacting a law as well so we were the trigger for two states.

Looking ahead, we are concerned about sugar taxes. Philadelphia passed a law on sweetened beverages and several referendums passed in California as well as Colorado. We have heard that NY is looking at similar laws as a health and revenue raiser and may want to expand it to all sweetened beverages.