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November 7, 2017 –

Hannaford Supermarkets

Hannaford Supermarkets recently made donations worth more than $400,000 to strengthen the connection between local food producers and organizations that serve people at risk of going hungry.

The grants are intended to:
• provide farmers with refrigerated transport for donated crops
• fund pilot programs to bring local produce to low-income children and seniors
• help people who are struggling financially to grow food and become farmers
• assist food banks in the acquisition of products that are grown nearby
• support numerous initiatives focused on producing nutritious, local food for low-income

"Locally grown food can be an even greater resource for eliminating hunger among our neighbors than it is today,” said Julie Libby, Hannaford Vice President of Fresh Category Management, Merchandising and Pricing. “We’re committed to helping provide more local food to people who are struggling financially. Farms produce fresh, nutritious food – exactly what hungry people need – and help keep the local economy strong."

Earlier this year, Hannaford encouraged customers to purchase healthy food – the items earning at least one star from the Guiding Stars nutrition navigation program. For every item purchased, the brand promised to make a financial donation toward hunger relief.

This new initiative generated $407,000 (€351,000) in donations. The first wave was announced in September at Brookdale Fruit Farm in rural Hollis, New Hampshire, and at an urban farm at a low-income housing community in downtown Portland, Maine.

“This funding will allow us to purchase nutritious food from our local farm partners and test out innovative new methods for distributing the food to the most rural and under-served area of our state,” said Nancy Perry of the Good Shepherd Food Banks' Mainers Feeding Mainers program, one of the grant recipients.
The donations collectively build on existing Hannaford initiatives to fight hunger across the Northeast. Last year, the brand donated 23 million pounds (10.4 million kilos) of meat, seafood, produce and packaged food to local pantries and food banks. It also supported nutrition education programs for low-income individuals, helped establish in-school food pantries and generated $1.3 million (€1.1 million) in donations through the fall Hannaford Helps Fight Hunger campaign.

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